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What works are planned on the rail networks?

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TGV and INTERCITES (Travel in France)

Work on the Bordeaux–Nice line

Service will be disrupted from December 2016 until August 2017 due to work on the Bordeaux–Nice line.


For more information: check the timetable and traffic in real time sections of the website

Maintenance work between Nancy and Dijon from 2 May until the end of 2017

Following the work, the round trip Nancy <> Toulouse TGV no. 6824/5 and no. 6868/9 will not operate between Nancy and Dijon from 2 May 2017 until the end of the year.

Maintenance work on the Rhin-Rhône TGV in June 2017

Due to upgrade work on track switches and crossings for departures in Dijon, some TGV or other routes may be cancelled, on the Rhin-Rhône Paris <> Dijon <> Mulhouse <> Fribourg & Strasbourg / Metz / Nancy <> Mediterranean TGV lines.


EUROSTAR Travel (travel between France, Belgium and the UK)

Currently, no disruption on the network.

TGV Lyria travel (travel between Switzerland and France)

Train services cancelled between Paris and Lausanne/Neuchâtel in June-July


Due to improvement works, several trains between Paris <> Lausanne/Neuchâtel in both directions are cancelled.


The cancelled trains are:

  • Saturday 10 and 17/06: train nos. 9283, 9273, 9289, 9286 and 9288.
  • Sunday 11, 18 and 25/06: train nos. 9261, 9281, and 9282.

Further disruptions are expected, delaying the arrival of certain trains.


For trains between Paris Gare de Lyon <> Neuchâtel, a replacement bus service will run in both directions from 10 to 23/07 between Frasne, Travers and Neuchâtel.


Thalys Travel (travel between France, Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands)

Currently, no disruption on the network.

TGV and ICE in Cooperation travels (Travel between Germany and France)

Il n'y a pas de pertubation annoncée à ce jour.

RENFE- SNCF in cooperation travels (travel between Spain and France)

Currently, no disruption on the network.

TGV France-Brussels travels

Currently, no disruption on the network.

TGV France-Luxembourg travels

Paris - Luxembourg tracks works from 10 July to 27 November


Several trains between Paris and Luxembourg will be cancelled.

The following trains will be closed to bookings:

  • From 24/07 to 25/08/2017 : 2803, 2808/8, 2815/4, 2817/6, 2827/6, 2831/0, 2833/2, 2839/8, 2843/2.
  • On the 10/07, 25/09, 20 and 27/11 : 2808/8, 2815/4, 2864/5, 2869/8.

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