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What works are planned on the rail networks?

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TGV and INTERCITES (Travel in France)

Work on the Bordeaux–Nice line

Service will be disrupted from December 2016 until August 2017 due to work on the Bordeaux–Nice line.



  • 20 March–9 April: maintenance work is scheduled on the tracks. As a result, trains 4754 and 4559 will be cancelled on weekdays (from Monday to Friday) and train 4760 will depart from Marseilles from Tuesday to Saturday. 
  • INTERCITIES trains will not run between Toulouse and Bordeaux on 6–7 May 2017.
  • No INTERCITIES trains will run between Bordeaux and Nice on 25–28 May 2017.
  • Due to construction work at Nice station on 14–15, 21–22 and 28–29 January 2017, INTERCITIES trains will depart from and terminate in Marseilles.

For more information: check the timetable and traffic in real time sections of the website

Maintenance work between Nancy and Dijon from 2 May until the end of 2017

Following the work, the round trip Nancy <> Toulouse TGV no. 6824/5 and no. 6868/9 will not operate between Nancy and Dijon from 2 May 2017 until the end of the year.

Travaux entre Agen et Toulouse du 06 au 08 Mai 2017

Des travaux de maintenance des voies auront lieu entre Agen et Toulouse du samedi 06 au lundi 08 mai 2017. Les trains en provenance ou à destination de Toulouse auront exceptionnellement pour terminus/origine Bordeaux ou Agen.

Maintenance work in Rhônes-Alpes from 25 to 28 May 2017

Because of the maintenance work, the following changes to circulation are to be expected:

  • the Geneva <> Nice line is unavailable
  • some Paris <> Chambery <> Annecy TGVs will depart from/arrive at Aix-les-Bains
  • the Strasbourg <> Marseilles line, which serves Lons-le-Saunier and Bourg-en-Bresse will operate with a longer journey time

Work in Languedoc from 26 to 28 May

Due to renovation of the lines at Nimes, there will be a reduced TGV service to and from the Languedoc region from 26 to 28 May 2017. From Friday 26 May (14:00PM) to Sunday 28 May (13:00PM), TGV services will depart from and terminate at Nimes.

Travaux entre Massy et Valenton du 19 mai au 11 Juin 2017

Suite à des travaux d'entretien entre Massy et Valenton, certains TGV circuleront en passant par la ligne classique et certains seront supprimés.

Maintenance work on the Rhin-Rhône TGV in June 2017

Due to upgrade work on track switches and crossings for departures in Dijon, some TGV or other routes may be cancelled, on the Rhin-Rhône Paris <> Dijon <> Mulhouse <> Fribourg & Strasbourg / Metz / Nancy <> Mediterranean TGV lines.


Nous vous invitions à venir consulter les horaires sur le site rubrique "Prévisions trafic"

EUROSTAR Travel (travel between France, Belgium and the UK)

Eurostar train cancellations between January and May 2017


We would like to inform you that tickets for certain Eurostar trains will be unavailable for purchase between January and May 2017. Here are the trains affected:




Customers who have already booked travel on these trains can apply for a free exchange or refund.

TGV Lyria travel (travel between Switzerland and France)

Works on the Paris <> Lausanne and Paris <> Zurich lines in March and April 2017

Following engineering works in the region of Dijon in March and April 2017, the number of TGV Lyria trains available between Paris, Lausanne, Basel and Zurich will be reduced. Tickets for certain trains are no longer available for sale during this period. For more information, visit the website.

Thalys Travel (travel between France, Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands)

Work at Amsterdam-Central train station from 31/03/2017 to 02/04/2017


No trains will stop at Amsterdam-Central station from 31/03/2017 to 02/04/2017, due to the closure of the Watergraafsmeer.


Works on the German line between Düsseldorf HBF and Düsseldorf Airport from 08/03/2017 to 06/04/2017


As a result of the work from 8 March 2017 to 6 April 2017 between Düsseldorf HBF and Düsseldorf Airport, all trains will arrive at Cologne station.


  • On 08/03/2017, the only trains that will be affected by this restriction are the TH9461 and TH9473.
  • On 06/04/2017, the only trains that will be affected by this restriction are the TH9412 and TH9424.

Works on the German line from 14/04/2017 to 18/04/2017


Following works on the German line, trains will be diverted through Rheydt: longer travel times are to be expected and some trains will terminate in Cologne.


Modification to Thalys destinations on 27/04/2017


Due to the King's festival in Holland, all the Thalys trains will be departing from and arriving at Schiphol. So there will be no service for these trains from Amsterdam Central station.


Construction work on the German line from 02 to 06/06/2017


As a result of construction work on the German line, trains will be diverted via Rheydt and trains to Cologne will be limited.


Construction work on the German line from 17 to 18/06/2017


Following construction work on the German line, no tickets will be sold north of Cologne.

Important: planned for 18/06/2017:


  • the diverting of trains TH9424, TH9472 and TH9461, leading to an increase in journey times and no services running to Essen station.

Construction work on the Dutch line from 17 to 25/06/2017


Due to construction work being carried out on the Dutch line, a diversion via Gouda/Woerden is planned.
We are also planning to close ticket sales to Amsterdam Central and Rotterdam Central stations.


  • On 19,20,21,22/06/2017: the TH9994 is cancelled and the TH9369 will operate in one direction only.
  • On 23/06/2017: the TH9994 and the TH9998 are cancelled and the TH9327 will operate in one direction only.

Full information is available at SNCF.COM

TGV and ICE in Cooperation travels (Travel between Germany and France)

Work on the German line between Düsseldorf Hbf and Düsseldorf Flughafen from 07/03/2017 to 01/04/2017


All trains will start from and terminate at Cologne due to work on the German line between Düsseldorf Hbf central station and Düsseldorf Flughafen airport.

RENFE- SNCF in cooperation travels (travel between Spain and France)

Currently, no disruption on the network.

TGV France-Brussels travels

Maintenance work between Brussels Midi and Brussels Nord from 28 April 2017 to 1 May 2017


A number of changes are anticipated following work on the line linking Brussels Midi to Brussels North.


Please note! Train TH9304 will not operate on these three days.


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